My goal is to provide peace of mind through personalized service and expertise, as well as providing you with competitive rates, options that are tailor-made for you, as well as timely closings!

Rental Property Buyer

Patient and Friendly Help to get the loan DONE in fastest time Make it easy for the Clients Responds to any request or question quickly Make it right because he gives the correct information (professional)

-Shehata B.

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Lifelong Customer

I have had the privilege and pleasure to work with Scott on several mortgages. There are none better, in my opinion. Scott's level of professionalism, knowledge and expertise--while providing a comfortable, open line of communication when working through the process-- is bar none. I am always confident in my decision (either way) when working with him. Scott is (and will continue to be) the only one I call, when needed.

-Susan S.

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Strategic Refi

Once again, Scott and his team made my experience hassle-free and pleasant. We closed on time and Scott was quick to respond to any of my questions.

-Gabriel A.

Cross-Town Upgrade

Scott & his assistant go above and beyond and are incredibly nice every time I work with them on a loan which is why I will continue to use them in the future.

-Brittnie P.

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Cross Town Move

"Scott and his team provide more than excellent service. They were efficient, compassionate, and professional. They went above and beyond to help me and my family be able to move into our dream home. I recommend very highly of Scott and his entire team. I will certainly do my future loans again with him. Thank you, Scott!!!! You are the best!!!!"

-Mun L.

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"Scott helped me purchase my first home in Nashville over ten years ago. When I say he made the process easy and painless, I am not exaggerating. Not only did he provide excellent guidance and assistance, he went above and beyond to make sure I got the best loan for my needs & situation. Several years later, I moved to Louisiana. After a couple rough experiences with lenders there, I called him and asked if he could do an out of state loan. To my delight (and relief), he picked up the process and got it done! Not only did I get a better rate (and lower closing costs), he again made the process smooth and painless. I recommend him to anyone I know is purchasing a home. He is honest, straightforward, and does his best to get the best options available. When I say I wouldn't trust anyone else as much as I trust him, I mean it!"

- Michelle N., Repeat Buyer

Investment property

"Scott does an amazing job getting my clients closed which is why I chose him for my own personal transaction. They have amazing rates, excellent customer service, and I highly recommend F&M!"

-Krista J., Experienced Realtor

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FHA Provides A Way

As a first time home buyer, Scott and his team were great to work with through the entire process. We had little knowledge with what was required in the home buying process and Scott made it seamless. He was always one step ahead of us. Thanks for helping us get into our first home!

-John P.

No More Renting

Amazing experience!! ️ Scott and team!! I work in an office with the majority of the staff know about Scott and we will always recommend him!!

-Celia S.

Second Home Purchase

Scott did nothing but help us every step of the way. Being in a different state this could of been an awful experience, but Scott and his team made our process a breeze.

-Christopher M.

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First-Time Owners

Scott was very pleasant to work with. He communicated in a timely manner and made the process smooth for us. He answered all of our questions thoroughly, quickly, and he was always easy to contact. I highly recommend Scott!

-Braley H.

New build

"Scott and his team were so helpful throughout the whole loan process. There were so many questions we had and they were always quick to respond back to us. Even though the building process took much longer than we anticipated (8 mo), they stuck with us, kept us on track and always gave us excellent advice. They even match the builder's loan company for our new home which was going above and beyond. Thank you Scott and team!!"

-Cindy L. and Michele H., New Construction Warriors

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tx to tn

"Scott is a true professional. He is personable and confident in the work that he does. He went the extra mile to help me fix a small issue on my credit report that saved me .25% on my rate. I am very thankful for Scott and the huge part he has played in my move to Middle Tennessee."

-Jonathan P. 

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First home

"Very responsive. Explained things well; answered all questions; always very pleasant. Made a detailed, involved process as simple and painless as possible. Thanks for your help!"

-Lisa P., Condo Buyer

New home

"Scott and his team were always available for questions and concerns via phone and/or email. Communication was a priority and it was appreciated."

-Michael B.




Experienced Investor

Scott responded quickly to my needs and I do not have to look for other details and he follows up with what is needed to get my mortgage application going. Thanks.

-Mandhu Y.

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High Rise Condo Buyer

Scott walked me thru which loan would work best for me. He caught an issue on my credit report, which was an error I quickly took care of. Thankfully he helped me navigate what I needed to do to correct the error. Scott answered all of my questions & made this deal less painful. Since I lived out of state, much of our communication was long distance. Completely helpful & constantly available from start to finish. He was great.

-Peggy S.

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VA Benefit Buyers

Instructions very clear and time sensitive information given and taken. Very punctual and gave the confidence to continue the process. Thank you for being our loan originator.

-Sandra B.

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Renters to OWNERS

"As a matter of fact, Scott was a referral to us from another friend who gave him very high remarks for getting them a new home. From the moment I first contacted Scott until we signed the new house papers in the office, Scott was stellar every step of the way. His willingness and ability to answer questions (and we had many) was way beyond the customer service you would receive anywhere else and he explained everything in such a way that the common man could understand. The absolute best!!!!!!"

-Jonathan F.

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Investment property

"Scott did a great job of handling the refinancing of investment property! It was an unusual situation, but he was able to tackle it with skill and expediency."

-Gabriel A., Refinancer


"Scott always made sure he was available to answer my questions. He would also check in on me throughout the process to make I was doing well. I will recommend him to anyone I know. "

-Carissa R., First-time Home Buyer

First Home

"Scott was informative and knowledgeable as we worked through the pre-approval process all the way to purchasing our home. "

-Jamie B., First-time Home Buyer